Code Corrections

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Some homeowners are unaware there are actual codes that dictate what a building is allowed to have as far as plumbing, electrical, structural, etc. Other homeowners are guilty of the “jerry rig” making a temporary fix to a problem that should have a permanent solution. Still others are unaware and will hire the wrong plumber who may come off as professional and appear to be the right person for the job but they instead leave a bigger problem than what the homeowner had to begin with. 

If any of these sounds like your situation, you most likely need to have us at Great American Plumbing, Inc. come out and take look at what you are dealing with. We are fully licensed and certified Master Plumbers well versed in the building codes and can recommend the necessary repair to fix the problem you are having. 

Not having your plumbing problem properly diagnosed can lead to worse problems in the future and cost more money than the initial repair would have cost. Let us at Great American Plumbing, Inc. come out and make sure your plumbing meets code requirements and the job is done right. Give us a call and let our over twenty years of experience go to work for you.